Southwest Concrete Designs warranty covers all aspects of the installation of your new floor, but does not cover cracks in our coating caused by movement in your concrete foundation. Concrete overlays are a decorative coating and are not designed to hold concrete in place. If your foundation or concrete moves due to shifting of the soil, we have no control over any cracks that cause your foundation, and in turn, our coatings to crack.

We warranty against delaminating; if our coating peels up during regular maintenance, and the sealing agent has been applied every 2 years, we will repair those areas that are at issue. You will need to keep receipts of the sealer you purchase in order for the warranty to stay in effect.

Without proof that you are maintaining your coating we cannot warranty our flooring. Spire web cracking is acceptable and expected in all concrete, whether on 4 inch slabs or 1/8 inch coatings. For example, when any of your concrete surfaces are wet, you will see a “web like” characteristic typical of most concrete. For more information regarding our warranty, please do not hesitate to ask any questions during your free consultation.